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Hey! 👋 I'm Dan, an 18-year-old full-stack software developer from just outside Ballymena in Northern Ireland. I'm sitting my A Levels in Software Systems Development, Business Studies and Geography, and am predicted to receive A*A*C.

I've been coding since I was 7, my skills advancing from making silly little POS systems in C# to play "shop" with my friends, to developing full-stack applications that actually make a difference to the thousands of people who use them. 🚀

I'm off to study Computing Systems at the University of Ulster, alongside being an apprentice Software Engineer at Kainos. 🎓 I'm the majority shareholder and co-founder of Verglas, a Belfast-based Edtech software development and events company. 🤝

Outside of programming, I'm a hugely passionate linguist. I've always been captivated by language, starting to teach myself Icelandic at age 9 and moving onto Norwegian and Finnish later in my teenage years. 🇮🇸

I'm fascinated by how language influces culture, personal identity, and how we view the world (and vice versa). It's my dream, after I graduate, to travel the world and hopefully settle down across the world, experiencing life from a new perspective. 🌍

For the last couple of years, I've also been a huge Eurofan - getting tickets to watch Eurovision live from both Liverpool in 2023 and Malmö in 2024. 🎶



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University of Ulster (Sep'24-)Bachelor of Science with Honours, Computing SystemsEQF Level 6 (EU) / RQF Level 6 (UK)Slemish College (Sep'22-Jun'24)BTEC National Extended Certificate, in Business (DIST*)2x GCE A-Level, in Software Systems Development (A*) and Geography (C)EQF Level 4 (EU) / RQF Level 3 (UK)Slemish College (Sep'17-Jun'22)9x GCSE A*-A, including English Language and MathematicsEQF Level 3 (EU) / RQF Level 2 (UK)

Further information on my qualifications is available on thequalificationspage.

Kainos (Sep'24-)Software Engineer Apprentice (EAYL)Belfast, Northern IrelandVerglas (Oct'22-)Lead Event Coordinator and Board of DirectorsBelfast, Northern Ireland


Ask anyone who knows me, and they'll probably tell you the same thing - that I've always been a wee bit of a nerd. Since I was really young, even when I was a toddler, I've been fascinated with computers and how they work. Whenever my mum sat me down at the computer with a few CD games to play, I was always more intrigued by Access databases and accessing the hidden system folders on Windows XP.

Even despite some recurring nightmares in my earlier years, leading me to develop a slight fear of the computer (thinking it would grow legs and chase after me after a BSOD), I've always had such an interest in figuring out how they worked. When our first family PC eventually gave in and had to be thrown out, my only wish was to be able to unscrew the hard drive and examine the magnetic platter.

In 2011, at the age of 6, I was in the car with my mum driving home with school, asking her about how websites were made. She told me that they were made with a special type of code, which had me thinking that you could just write a random string of numbers in a Word document and have a fully functioning website. But, of course, I was wrong. After dinner that night, my mum sat me down with an empty Notepad window and showed me how to write my first page of HTML.

At that moment, I became totally hooked on web development. I bought my first domain a few months later, danielonline.net, and my first website showcasing some photos and information about myself went live - a copy of which is still available online.

That wasn't enough though, as before long, I was sitting down in front of Visual Studio trying to figure out how to make a Windows application with C#. SQL followed next, with me finishing my first real project - a point-of-sale system, fully complete with an inventory system, barcode scanning, receipt generation and more.

Soon I moved onto Java - developing plugins and mods for my Minecraft server. As I got older, my projects became more and more complex; different elements interacting with each other over the network, using different frameworks and libraries. My first iOS and Android app went live in 2020, and the plugins I've written for Minecraft servers have racked up thousands of users over the years. Attempting to develop Discord bots in a variety of languages, including Python and Ruby, led me on to finding my love for Node.js and TypeScript - my main tech stack today.


Thanks for checking out my website. If you're looking for a conversation, or just want to know more, I'd love to hear from you.
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